In 1963 the Molodechno milling plant №16 was put into operation.

In 1964 the section of all mash was put info operation. In the course of its reconstruction, new in-line equipment, pneumatic transporters and exhaust duct were installed.

In 1965-1966 the second and third stage of construction of grain hopper No.1 was ended.

In 1970 the  construction of bulk storage of flour with a capacity of 500 tons was completed.

In 1972 the Volozhin production site was affiliate to the plant, which is intended for receiving and storing grain.

In 1975 the Molodechno milling plant №16 was renamed into the Molodechno grain processing plant.

In 1979, the construction of a silo-type warehouse (elevator No. 2) with a capacity of 32,000 tons for grain raw materials of the combi shop with receiving devices from the railway and road transport was completed. In the same year, this warehouse was put into operation.

In 1980, the construction of a new welfare building was completed.

In 1987, the Krasnensky production site was affiliated with the plant, which was engaged in receiving certified seeds.

In 1996, the Molodechno milling plant was reorganized into the open joint-stock company Molodechno milling plant.

In 2004, the plant acquired a pig-breeding complex in the village of Khozhovo, Molodechno District.

In 2006, the enterprise implemented a quality management system “Production of flour and animal feed” in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001 – 2001, received an international certificate.



Keeping pace with the times and striving for the best-this is the path of successful and modern companies along which the Molodechno Plant of Bread Products follows. In 2020, an automatic line for processing oilseeds (rapeseed, soybeans, sunflower) was launched. The TZ “MukaMol” was registered, under which products are sold to the domestic and foreign markets, and the packaging was rebranded.







The structure of JSC “Molodechno Kombinat Khleboproduktov” includes:

1. Agricultural unitary enterprise “Khozhovoagro-2009” 
Director Shablovsky Sergey Sergeevich (+375176) 728-4-90.

2. Agricultural unitary enterprise “Yakhimovshina Agro”

Director Lazar Vladimir Vyacheslavovich (+375176) 721-5-37.